What is SaaS Zine?

Here at SaaSZine, we believe that Software as a Service (SaaS) is the business model of our economic future. We want to chronicle and share all available information, explore new trends and industry developments – and help you navigate the future of SaaS.

From HubSpot over Mailchimp to Salesforce – modern SaaS applications are omnipresent in the sphere of business. With an annual growth rate of 18%, the SaaS market is one of the fastest-expanding out there. As a consequence, it offers countless opportunities for both established businesses and startups.

SaaS Zine’s Mission

Here at SaaSZine, you will find all the SaaS information you need in one place.

Out there, many of the articles and blog posts on SaaS applications are written by the same people trying to sell their products. Often, they are not exactly objective.

SaaSZine is dedicated to unbiased, accurate, and comprehensive information. Our mission is to help you understand SaaS, and harness it for your own business success.

What SaaSZine Can Do for You

Are you thinking of founding a SaaS startup? Or are you just learning about the SaaS industry, and wondering how you can best use its products to boost your own established business?

SaaSZine has you covered. We feature content to answer all your questions:

  • The basics of SaaS
  • Reviews of SaaS applications in various industries
  • How-to guides for choosing SaaS applications – and developing your own
  • Showcase examples of SaaS success stories
  • Lists of the best and worst providers and services out there